About Us

Pan Intellecom Ltd. is a front runner and trailblazer as a provider of comprehensive integration solutions in the segments of audio, video, surveillance, experience centres and so on. By dint of our focussed approach and hassle-free solutions, we have evolved ourselves as a premier brand. Our strengthening arms are quality equipments of leading OEM’s best value of money, usable life and fail-free solutions. We are a team of technocrats, professionals and technicians, specifically trained in the particular stream to grasp, execute and maintain as an integrated entity. Customer satisfaction remain always in the forefront.


Why Choose Us?


We walk the talk, delivering what we promise. We stand by our commitments by providing our customer's utmost satisfaction.


We have rich experience in executing turnkey projects and take our responsibility on a serious note.


We work with lucid thoughts and actions, ensuring equality among our employees, customers and suppliers.


We believe in continuously raising the bar of performance, allowing us to meet and exceed client expectations every time.


We are continuously committed to serving our customers. All our employees have full allegiance towards our motto ‘customer comes first


We take responsibilities for our decisions and actions. We honour our commitments and take care that our most valued clients are satisfied.



“Stay afloat – beat competition”



The Facts